McKeesport – January 21, 2012 – State Sen. Jim Brewster, who serves as the Democratic chair of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee, has been reappointed as Chairman of the Board of the McKeesport Housing Authority.

“I am pleased and honored to continue my service as chair of the housing authority board,” Brewster said.  “There are so many issues to address and so much work yet to do.

“We have had great success in developing new initiatives and formulating solutions because the board works together to solve problems.  That is a credit to the dedication of the board members and those who are served by the programs offered by the authority.”

Brewster said the McKeesport Housing Authority is the third oldest in Pennsylvania.  In addition to providing housing, the McKeesport Housing Authority has important and innovative programs such as the healthy lifestyle discussions lead by UPMC and a YMCA After School program available at its facilities.

Brewster was elected to council in McKeesport in 1995 and served as its president before becoming mayor in 2004.  Brewster remains actively involved in activities in his hometown since his election to the state Senate and has served on the housing authority for the last 22 years.  Brewster has served as chairman of the board for the last 20 years.

“As a former mayor and councilman who has been intensely involved in addressing issues impacting economically hard-hit communities, I know that we have plenty of work to do in the Senate to make progress,” Brewster said.  “Senate Democrats recently unveiled a multi-faceted and comprehensive plan to tackle problems that plague smaller cities.

“The Senate Democratic GPS plan is focused on solving problems in areas such as economic development, blight, crime, education, modernization and distress.”

Brewster said that he is excited to begin the new session of the General Assembly.  He was re-elected to a full term in 2012.