HARRISBURG Febrero 8, 2022 – State Sen. Jim Brewster released the following statement today regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed 2022-23 state budget and its implications for Pennsylvanians:

“Since taking office seven years ago, Gov. Wolf has recognized education as the building block for prosperity, safety and sustainability.  This budget, with its ambitious investments in education from toddlerhood to college, is an indication that he wants to leave the next chief executive in a position to continue the revenue surplus and economic success we’ve enjoyed despite the catastrophic pandemic.

After weathering the turmoil caused by COVID-19, Pennsylvania is sitting on $6 billion that can and should be used to make investments in not just the next administration, but the next generation.

Tackling disparities in education and providing economic relief to graduating seniors will help mitigate the costly problems that dog our economy now, including crime, violence, and drug abuse.

The governor and I agree that investments in education will provide dividends for many years to come and we’ve never had a better opportunity to make that generational change than we now do. 

I’m looking forward to working over the next several months to help that vision become a bipartisan consensus.”