Federal Resources

The United States Department of Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture through its constituent agencies such as Rural Development and Farm Service Agency offers a variety of financial assistance programs designed to assist farmers and other agricultural-related businesses grow and expand. Information about these programs is available online or by contacting USDA directly.

Phone: (717) 237-2299
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BusinessUSA is a web-based platform created by President Obama to help businesses more easily navigate the myriad of Federal programs and agencies that impact and help businesses.

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The United States Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce oversees our nation’s economic and business centers. The Department of Commerce provides a number of statistics that businesses can utilize in the planning, production, and export of their product.  The Department of Commerce collects business data from various overseas countries that American businesses looking for overseas production or marketing can tap into.  In conjunction with the Department of State’s Foreign Service, experts located in American embassies abroad who are specialized in the business and economy of their host country aid in the facilitation of communication between American businesses and local contacts to help promote business opportunity and cooperation between both sides.

General Phone Number: (202) 482-2000
Philadelphia Phone Number: (215) 597-6101
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The United States Department of Energy

The Department of Energy oversees and regulates all matters with energy in the United States. The Department of Energy maintains the energy standards used by all businesses within the United States. Businesses within the energy sector must comply with industry standards set forth by the Department. Helpful resources are provided to help individuals and businesses cut down on energy bills and promote a healthier environment.

Phone: (202) 586-4403
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United States Small Business Administration

The SBA provides professional advice and services to new and emerging businesses. These services include, but are not limited to loans and grants, governmental contracting, business advice, etc. The SBA has a network of local offices in Pennsylvania.

Phone: (800) 827-5722
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The United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs offers resources and assistance for entrepreneurs/business owners who are veterans including assistance in starting and growing their businesses through its web-based Veteran Entrepreneur Portal.

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