Harrisburg, February 6, 2024 – State Sen. Jim Brewster released the following statement today on Gov. Josh Shapiro’s $48 billion 2024-25 budget proposal:

“The budget that the governor outlined today carries the promise of historic progress on challenges that have for too long prevented Pennsylvania from achieving the type of security and prosperity that is possible in a commonwealth blessed with natural resources as well as a resourceful work force. 

“With a proposed increase of another $1.4 billion top of last year’s record commitment to basic education, this spending plan could end years of our state languishing in the bottom tier with states who compete for 21st century jobs with a 20th century funding system. 

“The governor’s proposal also helps ensure that new education dollars will not be poured into schools that are unhealthy, unsafe and unfit for service to our students.  School security has been a long-held priority of mine and I’m looking forward to working with the administration to direct the funds where they are most needed and most wisely spent. 

“It is also encouraging to see that the allocation of Pennsylvania’s record surplus will not end at the school grounds and will find its way into communities and local industry where efforts to provide opportunity will see new investments. 

“From the hundreds of proposed new state troopers to the additional $37 million for violence prevention programs, the budget offers a blueprint for the General Assembly to help local communities deal with the scourges of violence and drug abuse. 

“In his address, the governor expressed his strong support for the labor movement that made Pennsylvania and the Mon Valley an economic powerhouse in the 20th century and provides the potential for similar future partnerships which ensure that prosperity is equally allocated for all who contributed to its creation. 

“There is certainly a lot to like about the direction this budget takes us, but it will take some time over the next few months to create legislation from this broad outline.  

“Like the governor, it is my hope that we can do this in a bipartisan fashion that recognizes our common strengths and our common challenges.’