McKeesport, March 22, 2013 – State Sen. Jim Brewster said he will soon introduce legislation that would create a Pennsylvania hunting heritage license plate.

“Hunting has long been a part of Pennsylvania’s cultural heritage,” Brewster said. “This plate would honor that history and allow Pennsylvania hunters to proudly display their support for the sport. The fee for the plate would also provide the Pennsylvania Game Commission with the funding to promote hunting and preserve our state’s hunting habitat.”

Brewster is an avid hunter and sportsman.

The plate would be available for passenger cars, motor homes, trailers, or trucks with a registered gross weight of not more than 10,000 pounds.

The Game Commission would receive $15 from the fee for each plate to promote hunting and enhance the state’s hunting habitat.

Under the Brewster legislation, the Game Commission would work with PennDOT to design a hunting heritage license plate. The cost of the plate would be $35.


Brewster said he was surprised that a plate honoring Pennsylvania hunters has not already been established. He said that once the bill has been referred to committee, he will push for quick passage.

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