Harrisburg, June 24, 2015 – State Sen. Jim Brewster (D-Allegheny/ Westmoreland) today threw his support behind a new Senate Democratic property tax relief plan that would eliminate school property taxes for 2 million homeowners, reduce property taxes by $ 1,990 for all other homeowners, and provide a $ 500 rebate for most renters.

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“While I remain committed to completely eliminating property taxes, this workable plan advances the case for property tax relief and steps up the urgency to act during these ongoing budget negotiations,” Brewster said.

PaHomeRebate_learnMoreUnder the Senate Democratic plan unveiled at a news conference in Harrisburg this morning, property taxpayers would be eligible for 100 percent relief of their school property taxes up to $1,990. The relief would be returned to the taxpayer in the form of a property tax rebate check.

Brewster said that would effectively eliminate property taxes for approximately 2 million homeowners or nearly two-thirds of all property taxpayers. The other 1.2 million homesteads will be able to enjoy a significant reduction in property taxes.

He added that renters who make less than $50,000 would receive a $500 rebate. The plan would shift the school funding burden away from property taxes by making modest increases to the state’s income, sales and tobacco taxes.

“It’s time to act on property tax relief,” Brewster said. “We cannot continue to place the lion’s share of the school funding burden on homeowners – many who are seniors on fixed incomes or working people who are trying to make ends meet on modest wages.

Brewster said the Senate Democratic plan would not affect the popular senior citizen property tax and rent rebate program. He said seniors would still get separate rebate checks for tax relief from county or municipal taxes.

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