Harrisburg – Oct. 16, 2014 – State Sen. Jim Brewster said today he is very pleased the Senate adopted legislation that would provide additional protection for victims of domestic violence. The bill passed the Senate 48-0.

Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland) said that House Bill 1796 – legislation that would prohibit municipalities from passing ordinances that penalize residents for repeatedly summoning police in emergency situations – is important, proactive and will help address domestic violence.

Because of the nature of abusive situations, domestic violence victims often make repeated calls for emergency help.

“This legislation is an important tool that will protect victims of domestic violence. We should be exploring more ways to help those who need assistance, not use government action to penalize those who seek help,” Brewster said. “I am pleased that the Senate acted on this measure today.”

Under the bill, if a municipality would try to enforce an ordinance, the resident, tenant or landlord may go to court for an order to cease and desist, damages, attorney fees and payment of court costs.

“Our work in protecting victims of domestic violence is not finished, but this bill will ensure that those who call local police for help will not risk being threatened with revocation, eviction or a fine,” Brewster said.


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