Harrisburg, June 29, 2011 – Calling it a “significant, yet inadequate” budget restoration, Sen. Jim Brewster today said he and state Rep. Marc Gergely were able to obtain an additional $2.825 million in state funding restorations for the Duquesne School District.

This hikes the state subsidy to Duquesne by about 33 percent over the $5.787 million the governor proposed in March,” Brewster said.

“Even though the district’s high school students now attend other schools, it is imperative that the state adequately fund an appropriate education for Duquesne students in grades K through eight. I will continue to work with Representative Gergely and other legislative colleagues to seek a lasting and permanent solution on how best to fund and educate Duquesne’s students.”

Brewster said the state could have provided additional funds to schools statewide if they would have tapped into the state’s $700 million budget surplus or imposed a moderate tax on the gas drilling industry.

“I will continue to be an ardent supporter of the Duquesne School District and all public education students,” Brewster said.

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