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Consider Flood Insurance, Prepare for Spring Rains Now, Brewster says

Spring rains often cause flooding that results in devastation, distress and dismay for homeowners, so now is the time to take action, state Sen. Jim Brewster said today.

flood smart"National Flood Awareness Week helps all of us focus on the fact that flood insurance can be purchased to protect one's home," Brewster said. "In addition, property owners can take action now to help mitigate problems if flooding threatens by taking simple precautions."

Ready paBrewster said that property owners can install a sump pump and have a back-up battery- operated pump available if a power failure occurs; install check values to guard against water back up; seal basement walls; clear debris from drains; and elevate appliances.

Information on obtaining flood insurance can be found at www.floodsmart.gov is the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program, he said. Help in preparing for emergencies can be found at www.ReadyPA.org or questions about insurance can be answered at www.insurance.pa.gov.

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