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Brewster Re-appointed Port Authority Board Secretary

Harrisburg - February 2 2015 - State Sen. Jim Brewster will serve another year as secretary of the board of the Port Authority of Allegheny County.

Port Authority Port Authority "There are many challenges that we face in public transportation and many hurdles that have to be overcome," Brewster said. "I am confident that by working together we can rebuild and restructure our public transit system to meet the needs of the citizens of Allegheny County."

Brewster is a veteran of the board and serves on the Financial Audit Committee. He is a member of the Senate Transportation Committee and was a strong advocate of the $2.3 billion transportation finance law (Act 89) that has bolstered funding for road, bridge and mass transit systems.

"The Port Authority board works well together in trying to address transportation needs," Brewster said. "The board members are all dedicated and committed to making our transportation network better."

Brewster said that board is working on a number of initiatives such as smart card technology and real-time vehicle tracking.

The Port Authority has 2,600 workers and serves more than 200,000 riders on a daily basis.

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