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Brewster: Recycling Grants for Plum, White Oak, and Twin Rivers COG

Harrisburg – May 6, 2014 – State Sen. Jim Brewster (D-McKeesport) said today that he was pleased that Plum, White Oak and Twin Rivers Council of Governments (COG) were set to receive performance grants for recycling since the funding will help the communities continue cleaning the environment and promoting economic development.

Plum Borough will receive $22,542, White Oak’s grant is for $4,556 while the Twin Rivers COG grant is $945. Plum’s grant is based on 2,363 tons recycling in 2012; White Oak recycled 550.6 tons in 2012 and the COG recycled 250.5 tons in 2012.

“The grant is to be used by local governments to increase the amount of recyclables and remove material from the waste stream,” Brewster said. “These grants are in addition to other funding that is allocated to establish and operate a municipal recycling program.”

The grants for Plum, White Oak and the Twin Rivers COG were issued from the Recycling Performance Grant Program which is administered by the state Department of Environmental Protection. The program was created under Act 101.

The grants are available to all municipalities that operate recycling programs.

According to the department, items such as cardboard, newspapers, steel and aluminum cans, glass, plastics and usable grades of paper collected are eligible for grants. The application deadline for 2013 calendar year is September 30, 2014.

Twin Rivers COG, Plum Borough and White Oak are located in Brewster’s 45th Senatorial District.

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