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PA Voter ID Law Struck Down in Court

Today state Sen. Jim Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland) said a judge ruled that Pennsylvania’s voters will not be required to show photo ID at the polls.

“This is good news,” Brewster said. “The voter ID law was not designed to increase voter turnout or promote voting.  It didn’t make sense when it passed, and it doesn’t make sense now. I’m encouraged that the court agreed.”

Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley ruled that the voter ID law, which passed in 2012, put an unreasonable burden on voters.

“No one should have their right to vote stripped away because they are unable to get an ID,” said Brewster. “Instead, we should be encouraging people to vote, and our laws should ensure free and fair elections in Pennsylvania.”

Brewster said he will continue to fight with his Democratic colleagues who have opposed the voter ID law from the beginning.

“I’m pleased with today’s decision, but the fight is not over yet,” said Brewster. “If there is an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, I hope this law is seen for exactly what it is: a poorly disguised attempt by Republicans to disenfranchise voters.”

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