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Sen. Brewster Comments on House Passage of Liquor Privatization Bill

McKeesport – Following yesterday's passage of liquor privatization legislation by the state House of Representatives, State Sen. Jim Brewster released the following statement:

“This rush to privatize the state liquor system is ill-advised. Especially at a time when the legislature has more pressing issues to deal with, including adequate funding for public education, transportation and other issues significant to Pennsylvania citizens.

“This plan would close liquor stores across the state, eliminating quality, family-sustaining jobs in the process, while creating a $150 million annual budget hole. In addition, this legislation may create safety risks in neighborhoods across the state by allowing broader access to alcoholic beverages.

“Instead, the legislature should focus on modernizing the state liquor system by making internal changes that would not only result in overall customer satisfaction, but also provide a $150 million boost to Pennsylvania’s economy.

“There are better alternatives than selling off this profitable state asset that provides 5,000 jobs. We must consider modernization instead of a plan that takes Pennsylvania in the wrong direction and further adds to Pennsylvania’s unemployment woes.”

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