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Brewster Blasts Corbett for lack of Transparency/Public Input on Prison Closing Decision

McKeesport, January 11, 2013 – State Sen. Jim Brewster today sharply criticized the Corbett Administration for its backroom decision that led to this week’s announcement to close the state prison in Hempfield, Westmoreland County.

Brewster said he will work with fellow lawmakers to keep the prison open.

“For a governor who constantly boasts about being transparent, this secretive backroom decision reeks with hypocrisy,” Brewster said. “There was no public input, no notification to any local officials and no warning to any of the 400 prison workers.  Continue reading →

Brewster Appointed to Several Key Senate Committees

Senator BrewsterMcKeesport, January 9, 2013 – State Sen. Jim Brewster has been re-appointed Democratic chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee. In addition, Brewster was appointed to the Committees on Transportation, Banking and Insurance, Community Economic and Recreational Development, and Game and Fisheries.

“I will continue to use the position on the Urban Affairs and Housing Committee to focus on issues and challenges facing struggling cities and towns in the Mon Valley and throughout our state,” Brewster said. “We must do more to help smaller cities attract new businesses, investment and jobs.  Continue reading →

Brewster Announces Recycling Grant for Monroeville

recyclingMcKeesport, January 3, 2013 – State Sen. James Brewster today announced a $19,621 recycling grant for Monroeville.

“This state money will help the municipality strengthen its recycling program,” Brewster said.

“Recycling programs are a great tool for protecting our environment and capitalizing on our resources. I will continue to seek state funds to assist local communities in their recycling efforts.” Continue reading →

Brewster to Honor State Champion Clairton Bears in PA Senate

Clairton State Football Championship Game :: December 14, 2012

McKeesport, December 24, 2012 – Sixty-three straight wins and four consecutive PIAA Class A football championships won by the Clairton High School Bears will be honored by the state Senate early next year, state Sen. James Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland) said today.

“The Clairton Bears football team’s 63 game winning streak and four consecutive state championships is an incredible achievement,” Brewster said. “It is my honor to host the team and recognize their achievements on the Senate floor and in front of my Senate colleagues.” Continue reading →

Brewster Re-Appointed Democratic Chair of Senate Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing

Harrisburg, December 21, 2012 – State Sen. Jim Brewster today was re-appointed Democratic chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee.

“I will continue to use my position on this committee to focus on issues and challenges facing our cities and towns in the Mon Valley and throughout Pennsylvania,” Brewster said. “It is critical that we do what we can to help cities revitalize, attract investment and continue providing adequate services.

“I am determined to steer more of the state’s focus to the plight of struggling urban and suburban communities, and on ways state government and new businesses can partner in local economic revitalization efforts."   Continue reading →

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats Discuss Plan to Address Distressed Cities

Senator BrewsterHarrisburg, December 18, 2012 – Acknowledging the escalating problems in economically-challenged communities across the state, Pennsylvania Senate Democrats today discussed their plans to address a wide range of problems impacting aging and distressed cities.

The “Growth, Progress & Sustainability” or GPS plan focuses on developing new policies that foster cooperation while addressing and strengthening the core of distressed communities. Continue reading →

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