McKeesport, April 19, 2011 – Calling it an opportunity to get a first- hand look at the state’s new booming gas drilling industry, State Sen. Jim Brewster today joined fellow Democrats for a tour of several well sites in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“Much has been written, said and debated about this new Marcellus Shale industry that promises to be such a boost for our economy and job market,” Brewster said. “This tour will provide me an opportunity to get a first-hand look and talk to the folks who operate and work at these drilling sites.”

The tour was arranged by Sen. Tim Solobay (D-Washington). The lawmakers are expected to visit several well sites, a gas processing center, and rehabbed drilling site.

Brewster said he plans on asking industry representatives questions about community impact, the prospect of hiring more Pennsylvania workers, their thoughts on being assessed a possible severance or impact fee and what steps they can take to protect the region’s water supply and environment.

“Both the Marcellus Shale and Utica natural gas formations will provide a great deal of economic promise for many years to come,” Brewster said. “Our task is to make sure that Pennsylvania workers have an opportunity to get jobs in this industry — and that sufficient steps are taken to protect our environment and communities.”

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