McKEESPORT, April 7, 2011 — State Sen. Jim Brewster today announced a $1.3 million state grant for the Accelergy Corporation’s Facility located at the University of Pittsburgh’s Applied Research Center (U-PARC) in Harmar Township.

“This grant, which will fund the means to produce cheaper and cleaner coal and waste coal conversions, is a plus for consumers, our local economy and our environment,” Brewster said. “I am pleased state government is investing in this worthy project.”

Brewster said the company is planning for an Integrated Coal and Biomass to Liquid facility in the township. He said the two-year project could result in a cheaper and more secure supply of fuel than gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. He said the fuel would have a smaller carbon footprint than petroleum-based fuels and reduce greenhouse and toxic ash emissions from electrical power and other manufacturing plants.

The total project cost is $5.5 million.

Funding was provided by the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s (CFA) Alternative Energy and Clean Energy Program. The CFA board approved the grant today.

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