Harrisburg, June 10, 2014 – State Sen. Jim Brewster announced today that hunting and fur-taker licenses for Pennsylvania’s 2014-15 seasons are on sale now.

Licenses can be purchased through the Pennsylvania Automated License System website, as well as at Game Commission regional offices.

Licenses can also be purchased through more than 600 issuing agents; a list of issuing agents is available on the Game Commission’s website.

The 2014-15 hunting and fur-taker licenses are effective July 1, when the licenses that now are valid expire; the new licenses are valid through June 30, 2015.

Please note that county treasurers will begin accepting antlerless license applications July 14 from state residents.

Also, please note:

• Changes to the schedule for landowners to enroll properties in the Deer Management Assistance Program should result in all DMAP permits being available when licenses first go on sale;

• Hunters holding senior lifetime hunting or fur-taker licenses must pick up new licenses and harvest tags;

• Now-valid permits for shooting ranges at state game lands expire June 30, and new permits need to be purchased for range use on and after July 1;

• July 31 is the new, earlier deadline to apply for a 2014 elk license; and

• Hunters purchasing licenses early might not be able to immediately get a 2014-15 Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest. However, the publication is posted on the agency’s website here, and hunters may pick up the booklet from issuing agents after they are delivered.



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