Trib Total Media Building Donation Ignites Business, Education Interest

McKeesport – November 29, 2017 – State Sen. Jim Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland) today released the following statement extolling the repurposing of the former Daily News building in downtown McKeesport as a future media center saying that it “opens the doors to even more business and educational activities at the site.”

Brewster and McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko have been heavily involved in the project and the effort to reuse the former Daily News building.  They have engaged in discussions about the location of a satellite office of the Mon Valley Independent, been in contact with a radio station about relocating to the site and held talks with other local businesses about the project. 

Trib Total Media donated the building and will have access to space in the structure to house its staff.  The project includes the proposed hosting of a Media Accelerator, which will be engaged in attracting start up multimedia companies.  Other space will be used as an incubator for new educational opportunities.  Preliminary discussions have been held with Point Park University.

Brewster’s statement follows:

“The donation of the building by Trib Total Media is a generous and very welcome development.  The repurposing of the building as a media center and the potential engagement of Point Park University, the Mon Valley Independent and the use of the facility as a Media Accelerator is exciting.  It opens the doors to even more business and educational activities at the site. 

“The transfer of the property is going to benefit the entire Mon Valley, not just McKeesport.  It will generate business activity in the heart of the downtown and serve as a focal point in the development of new media.  New jobs will be created and start-up businesses will have the chance to grow and flourish.  The innovation associated with using a former headquarters of a daily newspaper as the center of renewed interest in all media platforms is striking and will help transform the region.” 

Brewster said that he was especially appreciative of the efforts of Trib Total Media President and CEO Jennifer Bertetto for her efforts in moving the project along.  He said that giving the building back to the community and working to make sure the project is a success is a gift that will pay dividends for future generations.    


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