Harrisburg, Mar. 23, 2016 − State Sen. Jim Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland) issued the following statement regarding the announcement today that Gov. Tom Wolf will allow a supplemental appropriations bill (House Bill 1801) that would fund schools, agriculture and other budget lines to become law without his approval.

Brewster said that while House Bill 1801 is short-sighted, it can be used as a conduit to speed funds for schools and other programs that are facing a shut-down as a result of a the budget impasse.

Brewster’s statement follows:

“The governor announced today that he will allow the supplemental appropriations bill to become law, without his approval. This will result in the release of key funding for schools and other critical programs. The action today will allow policymakers to back away from the brink of school closings, talk of program shut-downs and other difficulties that have developed as a result of the impasse.

“I had a great concern over a continued budget impasse, the hardship that had been created, and its impact on schools and others who rely on state funding. We needed to move beyond the political back-and-forth and find common ground.

“The governor is right when he criticizes this Republican budget plan for being out-of-balance and failing to appropriately fund schools. However, with this action by the governor, schools, agriculture and other key lines will be funded.

“Throughout this budget impasse, many legislators have worked diligently to find ways to responsibly fund schools and push out funding for important services and programs that have been caught up in politics — and end the impasse. Hopefully, this action today brings closure.”


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