Harrisburg, April 25, 2012 – Springdale Borough is slated to receive more than $ 745,000 in state loan funds to rehabilitate a deteriorated storm sewer collection line, state Sen. Jim Brewster and state Rep. Frank Dermody jointly announced today.

The loan to Springdale was approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (Pennvest) this morning.

“The project involves the reconstruction of nearly 900 feet of storm sewer from the intersection of Butler Street and Lincoln Avenue to Riddle Run,” said Brewster (D-Allegheny/Westmoreland). “The current storm sewer system is experiencing difficulty and these funds will help the borough rehabilitate the line.”

Dermody (D-Allegheny), who serves as the Democratic Leader in the state House of Representatives, said the project is also an important safety upgrade for Springdale.

“Once the project is finished, the water quality in Riddle Run will improve and the deteriorated storm sewer pipes will be removed,” Dermody said. “The obsolete storm sewer pipes pose a potential safety issue for area residents.”

According to Pennvest, the existing storm water line has hydraulic issues due to aging.

“Pennvest does an important job by funding key infrastructure improvements in many communities throughout the state,” Brewster said. “Repairing storm sewers is a challenge for any municipality in the face of dwindling financial resources and the Pennvest funding stream provides options that may be used.”

Dermody said the project is expected to create 25 construction jobs and that all the expected workers will be from Pennsylvania.

“To create jobs we need to use various pools of capital in rehabilitating our infrastructure,” Dermody said. “Pennvest provides a cost-effective means of financing important local public works projects.”


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