HARRISBURG, October 2, 2012 – Sen. Jim Brewster issued the following statement in response to today’s Commonwealth Court Ruling that delayed implementation of Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law.

“I salute Judge Simpson for his measured decision that will protect eligible voters from being disenfranchised.

Regardless of whether or not one thinks this photo ID requirement is necessary, it is obvious that the Corbett Administration is not prepared to fully implement the law in time for next month’s election.

Administration officials have provided a steady stream of misleading, faulty and confusing information on the new law. They have muddled the process even further by changing the eligibility rules and procedures numerous times, the latest just a week ago.

By delaying implementation of the law, the judge today assured that eligible voters can exercise their right to vote and that our poll workers can do their jobs without the pressures of enforcing a new complicated photo ID system while lines of people seeking to vote for president back up around the block.”

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